Teknik Dasar Bola basket

Teknik dasar bola basket terdiri dari :

1. passing

2. dribbling

3. shooting

drill passing

“FREE Beginner Basketball Drills”

Beginner Basketball Drill #1 – Dribble Relays

Drill Purpose

This drill is simple but it will help your players improve their ball-handling skills. It will teach them how to sprint up the court without losing control, and improve their endurance.


  1. Form at least 2 lines (If 12 or more players, form 3 lines).
  2. Have the first two players in each line get a basketball.
  3. On the whistle, each team starts.
  4. The first player dribbles up and down the court as quickly as possible. (Dribble down with right hand, dribble back with left hand.)
  5. When 1st player reaches the 2nd player in line. The 2nd player begins.
  6. Continue this until the last person has finished.
4K)Dribble Relays1
(4K)Dribble Relays2

Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to…

  • Keep your head up while dribbling.
  • Keep your eyes looking forward.
  • Keep your dribble at or below waist.
  • Use your fingertips (do not use the palm of your hand to dribble).

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 – If the players do not follow your points of emphasis, make them start over. Don’t let them settle for mediocrity. Make them work to get it done right.

Tip #2 – If a player loses control of the ball, make sure he/she gets the ball and starts from the point where he/she lost control of the ball. Otherwise, players will fumble and kick the basketball down the court, and the drill will lose its purpose.

Tip #3 – To keep the players from looking at the ball, you could position yourself at one end of the court between the two lines and make sure the players maintain eye-contact with you.

Tip #4 – Let the players know that if they do this drill correctly (head up, etc.), it will help them find open players, see the defense while dribbling, and decrease the number of turnovers.

Tip #5 – To add competitiveness to the drill, you could have the losing team run, do 15 push ups, etc. You could also reward the winning team. Sometimes, if you do not provide rewards or punishments the players will not work as hard.

Beginner Basketball Drill #2 – Partner Shooting

Drill Purpose

This helps the players improve shooting off the pass. It simulates a shot being kicked out from the post.


  1. Player 1 has the ball and shoots.
  2. Player 1 runs after the rebound.
  3. Player 2 positions them self somewhere on the court.
  4. Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2.
  5. Player 2 shoots, gets their rebound.
  6. Player 1 repositions them self on the court to shoot.
  7. Player 2 passes him the ball.
  8. Player 1 shoots, gets their rebound, passes to Player 2.
  9. Repeat this over and over.
Partner shooting1 (5K)
Partner shooting2 (5K)
Partner shooting3 (5K)

Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to…

  • Make sure players are moving to different spots on the floor. Emphasize good fundamentals on the shot and the pass.

you can see how to get better passing

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